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Training And Develpoment

To help our staff to understand and adapt to our company culture, Bona organized many trainings, including Orientation for new staff, Job Skills Training and Foreign Language Training, details are as follow:
  1. Orientation for New Staff
New staff will join our orientation at the beginning, which focuses on introducing the history of company, management system and job-related health & hygiene knowledge. We hope that the new staff can adapt to our culture immediately and to integrate to the new environment easily.
  1. Job Skills Training
For new graduates, not only they will join our appointments training programme, but also a series of job-skills training including visits and periodic assessment. We hope that they can experience the real-time work environment and how they can use their skills directly to their job. Hence, they can develop a busy, mature and responsible working life.
For present staff, the human resources department will examine the job duties and functions of different departments, as well as coordinating with section heads and supervisors, in order to develop a series of training programmes for responsible staff. Programme contents cover shipping knowledge, purchasing, warehouse and quality management.
  1. Foreign Language Training
As our clients are mainly from European countries, an excellent command in English is very important to our staff, especially for staff in sales & marketing. Our company will organize three different classes, namely elementary, advance and intermediate classes for staff, depends on their practical situation. We will invite foreigners as English teachers to teach our staff in order to enhance their English communication skills.
In addition, our company will select potential staff to attend training in overseas countries. The overseas experience will enhance their marketing skills and they can explore the European market directly. Besides, management staff will also be selected to attend in the Quality Management Training Programme.
In our company, staff from different levels will receive different training in order to enhance their job-related and management skills. We hope that staff can benefit from the training, to become more energetic in their career and be able to utilize their knowledge into their job directly. The ultimate goal for us is to help our staff to improve their performance by organizing respective training.


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TEL:+86-371-87091886 FAX:+86-371-87091887 Add:Address:No.39, Huayuan Road,Jinshui district, Zhengzhou,Henan, China