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CEO Speech

A respectable enterprise shall not only excel in achieving reasonable profits, but more importantly, shall be eager to undertake its due social responsibilities.
Deep-rooted in the developments of China’s machinery industry over the past near Ten years and with its “go global” strategy, Bona has spread its business operations far and wide in more than 30 countries and regions, influencing the daily life of hundreds millions of people all over the world either directly or indirectly. We must take up our due responsibilities to meet the high expectations from various circles of the society.
We are fully aware that the fast growth and excellent performance of BONA over recent years are the combined results of the wisdom and diligence of all BONA employees, the favorable macro environment brought about by China’s reform and opening up policy, China’s sustained economic growth, and the continuous support and trust from our partners and customers. It is our due responsibility to reciprocate our investors, customers, employees and the society as a whole with continuous growth.
In the future, the constant technological developments, the industrial integration and the globalized competition will push China and the whole world into a brand-new era of developments. Under this new horizon, BONA, as a new spirited enterprise with international influences, will face even greater opportunities and challenges. The development of BONA will for certain produce increasingly significant and far-reaching impacts to the economy, the society and the environment. We will continue to adhere to our core values of “Work Together, Win Together”, and undertake due social responsibilities throughout our business operation and management. Equal stress will be put on the performance of the social responsibility and the business development, while active efforts will be made in the coordination of each and all related interest groups so as to achieve the harmonious co-development of the enterprise, the society and the nature and to create a beautiful tomorrow for the world to share together.

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TEL:+86-371-87091886 FAX:+86-371-87091887 Add:Address:No.39, Huayuan Road,Jinshui district, Zhengzhou,Henan, China