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BONA HZS180K Fast Moving Concrete Plant



Name Item Qty Unit
1.  Aggregate Batching System Stone Storage hopper 25m3 2 set
Sand Storage hopper 25m3 2 set
Stone Weighing hopper   2 set
Sand Weighing hopper   2 set
Sensor  TSB-2 12 Piece
Filter net   4 Piece
Belt machine B1000 1 Piece
Diamond glue motorized pulleys YBT11-1.6-500*1000 1 Piece
Roller ,block roll group B1000 1 set
Belt machine Framework B1000 1 set
Abrupt stop switch   1 Piece
2.  Belt Herringbone tape NN200,B=1000mm 1 Piece
Diamond glue motorized pulleys(with brake) YBN37-2-630×1000 1 Piece
Roller ,block roll group B1000 1 set
Framework B1000 1 set
Rain cover  B1000 1 Piece
Maintenance walking board   2 set
Meet sand plate B1000 1 set
Meet sand Pipe   1 set
abrupt stop switch   1 Piece
3. Main Frame
Bottom Framework   1 set
Holding hopper   1 set
Ladder   1 set
Legs   2 Piece
Inclined supporting   4 Piece
Guardrail   1 set
Flatform   1 set
Aggregate temporary storage hopper V=4.8m3 1 set
Cylinder QGBQ100-250-MP1 1 Piece
4. Mixer Mixing device JS3000 1 set
Mixer cover JS3000 1 set
Reducer JS3000 2 Piece
electric motor  P=2*55kw 1 Piece
Hydraulic discharging system  JS3000 1 set
Automatic centralized grease lubrication system JS3000 1 set
5. Main building de-dust system de-duster 24 m2 1 Piece
Dust arrester device    1 set
Draught fan T35-11、NO3.15、P=1.1KW 1 Piece
6. Water Weighing Control System Water weighing hopper    1 Piece
Sensor SBS-0.5 3 Piece
Butterfly valve DN150 1 Piece
Water pump IS80-65-125.5.5KW  1 Piece
Butterfly valve DN80 1 Piece
Water pump ISG100-100. 5.5Kw 1 Piece
Pipeline elements   1 set
7. Additive Weighing& Control system Additive weighing hopper   1 Piece
Butterfly valve DN80 1 Piece
Sensor TSC-100 1 Piece
Additive tank   2 Piece
Additive delivery pipe   2 set
Pipeline elements   2 set
Water pump  ISG32-125 2 Piece
Pneumatic Conveying Systems   2 set
8. Cement weighing system Cement weighing hopper   1 Piece
Butterfly valve BVIF300S 1 Piece
Sensor SBS-1 3 Piece
Vibrator MVE100/3 1 Piece
9. Flyash weighing syste Flyash weighing hopper   1 Piece
Butterfly valve BVIF250S 1 Piece
Sensor SBS-0.5 3 Piece
Vibrator MVE100/3 1 Piece
10 Pneumatic control system Pneumatic elements   1 set
Air compressor ET15100   11KW 1 Piece
Air storage tank 1000L 1 Piece
Triplet QLPY3-25-06-07 2 Piece
Air filter QL3-25-06-3 1 Piece
Pipeline, coupling and fixed parts   1 set
11 Electric Control system Console HZS180K 1 set
High voltage cabinet HZS180K 1 set
Industrial control computer   1 Piece
Concrete production control software HZS180K 1 Piece
Main electrical components   1 set
LCD 19” 1 Piece
Four picture monitor 17” 1 Piece
Camera   4 Piece
Printer   1 Piece
UPS   1 Piece
Wire, cable   1 set
12 Powder System Fission cement silo SNC150-φ3160 3 Piece
Dust catcher 24m2 3 Piece
Level indicator LIS 3*2 Piece
Air break system PL20 3*6 Piece
Discharge door D300 3 Piece
Safety valve VPS250A 3 Piece
Screw conveyor φ273*10.2m 1 Piece
Screw conveyor φ323*8.4m 1 Piece
13 Control Room Control Room compound wooden floor、Computer chair 1 set
1.5PWall Hanging Air Conditioner Domestic standard,
Abroad power is change without supply.
1 set
Operation room compound wooden floor 1 set
Water tank   1 set
Additive silo   2 set
Air compressor room   1 set
Floor、window、door plastic-steel Window 1 set
14 Outer fitment Warming board with filling 75mm 1 set
Packing Frame   1 set
Door, window plastic-steel 1 set
1、Concrete foundation with embedment parts and other related are not included in above.
2、The installation, debugging and the training of the operator will be freely offered by our company。
3、The buyer need to self-prepare the right lightning protection system and the earth connection.
4、The buyer need to prepare the wires for the working from switch board room to the strong voltage cable.
5、The buyer shall undertake the charges of the weight for the scale and the adjust and authentication done by the institution.
6、We will improve this product continuously without notice, and the above are just for reference!


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