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After Sales Policy
Sales Policy
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Sales Policy

● Consultant Service
◎ Accept client’s various consultancy to build our product brand perception.
◎ Provide detailed specification of our product enables our clients to be aware of product features.
● Analysis Service
◎ Provide customized instructions to help our clients confirm his business scale.
◎ Based on the situation of client, we design plant founding plan for our clients.
◎ Fully involved in the plant founding supervision to achieve closer cooperation.
Sales Service
◎ Design and establish the Construction flow chart of infrastructure, water and electricity for our clients.
◎ Build basic management framework for our clients and train their staffs in Production control department, facilities maintenance department, quality control department, purchasing department and marketing department.
◎ Provide site equipment installation instruction.
◎ Demonstrate equipment operation procedure and train related operators for our clients.


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TEL:+86-371-87091886 FAX:+86-371-87091887 Add:Address:No.39, Huayuan Road,Jinshui district, Zhengzhou,Henan, China